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The front facade of the hotel des Invalides facing the Seine river is approx 200 meters long. The whole complex features 15 courtyards, the largest being the court of honor.
The Invalides was completed in 1676 and housed up to 4,000 war veterans. Originally only a number of builidings were planned, but King Louis XIV chose a design by architect Liberal Bruant which consisted of a large impressive building with a royal courtyard and church. In the chapels of Saint-Louis beneath the cupola is a red porphyry sarcophagus that covers the six coffins enclosing the body of French Emperor Napoleon I. Napoleons uniforms, personal arms, and death bed are displayed in the rich Musée de l'Armée at the front of the Invalides.
The Museum ticket includes admission to: the Army Museum's permanent collections, the Dome Church and tomb of Napoleon, the Museum of Relief Maps, the Museum of the Order of the Liberation.

How to get there

To reach the Invalides from hotel Riviera, take bus line 92 at Ternes Mac Mahon to Vauban Hotel de Villes in approx 20 minutes

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